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Flavor Descriptions and Serving Suggestions

Bacon Cheddar:  A favorite flavor-bursting full of real bacon. 
Serving Suggestions:  Great baked potato topper, add dry dip mix to hamburgers, serve with bacon flavored crackers, mild veggie dip.

Artichoke & Parmesan Pesto:
  Unique flavor of artichokes blended with Parmesan.
Serving Suggestions:  Yummy dip for veggies or an easy pesto to toss with pasta.

Spinach Herb: Wonderfully, light refreshing spinach dip.
Serving Suggestions: Serve in center of pumpernickel or Hawaiian bread. Enhances your boiled or steamed veggies. Wonderful with tortilla chips! 

Zesty Ranch: Familiar taste that can only be experienced when made fresh.

Serving Suggestions: Sprinkle on veggies or use as a filling for cherry tomatoes. Mix with cream cheese to fill rolls or sandwiches.

Smoked French Onion: Familiar onion flavor with a hint of mesquite.
Serving Suggestions: A sandwich spread on turkey. Dried meat rub for steak. Season a meatloaf, pot roast or breadcrumbs. Add to oil for dipping bread. 

Dill & Toasted Onion: A delicate marriage of dill and toasted onion
Serving Suggestions: Serve on baked fish and vegetables.

Cheddar & Broccoli: The full, rich flavor of cheddar cheese combined with fresh broccoli.
Serving Suggestions: Serve on a veggie tray. Incredible topper for baked potatoes!

Sun~dried Tomato: A flavor full of sun-ripened tomatoes.  
Serving Suggestions: Great as a sandwich spread on a veggie wrap.  Unique veggie platter dip.  Mix dip contents with olive oil and pasta, add veggies of choice.

Roasted Garlic: Rich and flavorful but not over-powering.
Serving Suggestions: Sprinkle on vegetables and baked potatoes. Mix with melted butter for garlic bread. Add to bread batter.

Parmesan Ranch: Familiar flavor of aged Parmesan. 
Serving Suggestions:  Great baked potato topper and veggie dip.  Wonderful cheese ball.  Mix with cream cheese for a bagel spread (try toasted onion~Yum!).

Mama Mia: Authentic Italian flavors.
Serving Suggestions:  Add dry mix to 1-cup olive oil for bread dipping.

Bleu Bayou BLT:  Blue cheese twist on a B.L.T.
Serving Suggestions:  If you like blue cheese, this is a great veggie dip!  Also good spread on a sandwich.

Bacon & Horseradish:  A twist on an old favorite. 
Serving Suggestions:  Pair up with bacon crackers.  Tangy veggie dip.

Ripe on the Vine:  Bursting full of tomatoes, garlic & mild peppers.
Serving Suggestions: Toss dry mix with pasta & olive oil.  Great veggie dip.




Baked Mexicana Enchilada or Baked Spinach & Artichoke:   

Serving Suggestions: Bake in the oven for “restaurant style” appetizer.  Recipe included.

Roasted Bell Pepper:  Six peppers make this a toasty dip with a unique flavor.   
Serving Suggestions: Thin prepared dip with buttermilk for a summertime salad dressing.  Great sandwich spread for a chicken or turkey wrap.


Mexican Fiesta: A unique Southwest taste with just enough spice.
Serving Suggestions: Layered Dip: Layer cream cheese, prepared dip, chunky salsa and taco cheese. Use as taco or fajita seasoning.

Chile Con Queso:  Mexican spices with cheddar. 
Serving Suggestions: Great paired up with Nacho chips.  Great in layered dip recipe above.

Green Chile Rellenos:  Traditional Mexican flavor.
Serving Suggestions:
Thin down prepared dip with cream for sauce over enchiladas. 

Smoked Chipotle: The warm and spicy flavor of naturally smoked chipotles.
Serving Suggestions: Serve with chicken wings. Great with chips and tortillas!

Tex Mex: Warm spice combines the flavor of ranch with smoke of chipotle.
Serving Suggestions: Serve with bloomin onions or onion rings.


Pepper Jack: Familiar taste with just enough heat to get your attention.
Serving Suggestions: Spread on hot and cold sandwiches. Add to cream cheese and roll in chopped nuts for a cheese ball.  Use dry mix to season hamburger patties.

Wild West: Our HOTTEST dip that’s full of the fire and life of habaneras.
Serving Suggestions: Serve with chicken wings. Add to nachos or serve with tortillas!


Dessert Mix

Spread on brownies, bagels, toast & graham crackers.  Kids love to dip with Teddy Grahams, Animal crackers & Nilla wafers. 

Fruit Dip:  Combine dessert mix with 8-oz. cream cheese & 4-oz. Cool Whip.  Thin down with sour cream to desired dipping consistency.

Cheesecake:  Combine mix with 8-oz. cream cheese & 4-oz. Cool Whip.  Fill mini graham cracker tart shells.  Top with fruit & drizzle with chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Chip     Strawberry Shortcake     Lemon Chiffon

Key Lime           Apple Spice